Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time To Go

I'm glad we are leaving soon. D so needs a vacation. He has had a lot on his plate and is having trouble keeping everything straight.

He left a new bag of frozen shrimp at the cottage this weekend...Our fridge has been shut down...Luckily the temperatures will be cool enough to keep it partly frozen until we get back up there in a month...

Yesterday he locked us out of the house. It also happened about 4 yrs ago. So, I walked to the bank to deposit some money while he used a neighbour's phone to call the locksmith. One hr later and $110, we are back in our house.

D's company year end is at the end of Oct so he has been very busy finishing up reports and stuff in anticipation of that and being away. His part time contract gig was coming to completion too.

He also had a job interview yesterday (internal posting). It looks like a lateral move financially but will be in a different department which is where the action is. So more room for advancement in the future.

His office policy says they are supposed to stay in one posting for 2 yrs before moving to another position. D is at the 1 yr 8 month mark and they would like him to start in a month. He is going to talk to his boss today.

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