Thursday, November 3, 2011

Great Turn Bad Turn

I got a second opinion on my winter tires from the tire guy at the dealership and he gave me better news. The front set is 50% worn and the rear set is pretty good.

There isn't need to buy new tires for this season after all. I was concerned the difference would not be good for the car but he didn't seem to think so.

Should I repeatedly see my traction control light come on to assist, then I can consider replacing the 2. Great news! I had already mentally prepared myself for the expenditure.

The winter tires don't do curves (or maybe hugged too well) as well I noticed yesterday. Tried to do a sharp turn at 80 km/hr (possible with my summer tires) and ended up locking my brakes and maybe skidding? slightly.

Didn't come close to losing control or anything but I probably shouldn't have tried that on dry pavement...silly girl...note to self...I told D upon arriving home and he told me he wouldn't have tried that to begin with and shakes his head.

I have a few more office loose ends to tie up before the packing starts. Cheers Everyone, back in a week or so!


  1. You devote a lot of blog space to your car(s). If I can go a week without thinking about my car, I consider it to be a good week.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  2. @ The Executioner;

    I devote way more space to travel!

    The new technology standard in modestly priced cars is pretty impressive and daunting. Packed with stuff you didn't even consider needing.

    I've found the learning curve to be quite steep, like with learning a new language. Makes my last car seem barely more sophisticated than a lawn mower.

    Considering my blog is used as over flow for my thoughts, there is so much more that has already been said but not written.