Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Turn

I knew the day would come and it did, on the day I visited Copenhagen. I found my first grey hair later that evening. As I am not the jump up and down freak out type of person, I just stood there stunned.

It's one of those things I wouldn't think anything of on someone else but on myself I was a bit shocked. Did managed to lose it even though I thought I put it in a secure enough spot in my wallet to take home.

It became real to me that time was ticking away and I was really aging. Sure I have laugh lines and I have notice the increased need to moisturize and exercise.

But the thought of someday wanting to dye my hair to hide the grey and the increased maintenance and expense didn't excite me.

Dying my hair a neat shade because I feel like it is one thing. I've been medium blond to burgundy in my younger years. But haven't changed my hair colour for over a decade.

Maybe when the time comes I will be OK with the natural change of my hair and not want to cover it up. I don't know right now.

I just got my hair cut and told my stylist about my finding and he told me he has been salt and pepper for many years now and he is currently 45 yrs old. He also told me I wasn't ready for hair colour yet.

Not sure if he meant mentally/emotionally (I would agree) or from the standpoint of grey or both.

For the following week after my first finding, I kept seeing imaginary grey hairs which ended up being light reflections. I haven't searched for over a week so it seems I have calmed down from the episode, for now.

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