Friday, September 2, 2011


I know I've been suffering with some pain lately but my online MasterCard statement sent me right over yesterday in the worse way.

It has felt like I was not doing such a great job zeroing out purchases.

I'll admit some responsibility here.

When we do spend, I'll immediately pay for it out of some account or another, ofter before it even posts online. When it finally does, I've already accounted for it and I would consider it "zeroed".

What has been bugging me was something I didn't notice until my frustration boiled over and D took over and pointed out.

It takes a day or so before the overall numbers reflect the true balance. And because I was over diligent in my paying things off (so I wouldn't have to think about it), I was messing it all up and confusing myself.

It felt as if I wasn't getting ahead despite my throwing lots of payment money at it.

Yesterday the balance owing was around $300 more than I expected (zero) and that's when I lost it, gave myself a stomach ache, and assumed I forgot something somewhere.

So D saved the night by noticing that my last 2 payments wasn't reflected in the overall totals yet even though it said it did. It took him a while because in any given month our credit card statement contain about 50 plus line items.

And this morning? It reflected what I thought it should have been. All is well. I can't believe I managed to get myself crazy just for being a keen payment payer.

Have a great long weekend to my fellow Canadians & Americans!

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