Monday, September 19, 2011

Life and Taxes

D told me his potential yearly bonus to be paid in Jan 2012 will be taxed almost 50% if we choose to accept it straight up. Don't you love Canadian taxes?

He has the option of putting it into his RSP and with his tax bracket will receive a good portion back as a tax refund. We just won't get the money until he files his taxes and the return is processed meaning March. We will go this route.

The plan for the money is still the same. Whatever we get back will go as a lump sum payment to the new consolidated mortgage as if he was still paying for the car separately. Psychologically it helps us remember the true mortgage portion rather than looking at the whole number.

My next trip is approaching fast. Barring any airline and various country strikes I am expecting to arrive on time and have a fabulous time. When I was considering this getaway, I wasn't sure I could afford the time off. Now that it is coming up, I am thankful for it.

Mentally I've made another step forward. To a place where I am believing the pressure to bring in a certain amount of income is almost all gone. I did a fun calculation yesterday to prove to myself just that.

I figured out I need to work one day a month to cover my office expenses. Any more goes to savings and spending money. It was a relief to see it in black and white. On average I am now working between 6 - 8 days a month with 10 weeks off a year.

For the next phase of personal development I want to start taking Arts courses again at the university level. A friend of mine achieved his Bachelor of Arts a couple of years ago having plugged away at it part time for years while working full time in engineering. I was so inspired by his dedication.

Other than a French course I took a few years back, I haven't studied at that level since and am anxious to get back at it. Not sure if I want things too structured meaning the degree route as there are many subjects I'd like to take just for general interest. They may not all add up to a degree.

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