Wednesday, September 14, 2011


D and I decided to make appointments with a Naturopath to find out ways to become healthier. We were wondering about any latent food allergies.

One way to find out is via a fairly pricey blood test which D took. I haven't had my appointment yet.

Well, the results came back and they are not pretty. Turns out our eating will be changing as it has been found that D is quite allergic to dairy and eggs, two of his favourite food groups.

Re-testing will take place in 6 months but in the meantime, it has been recommend he avoid those foods.

Now I'm nervous about my appointment and what I may be finding out. It is shocking to find out you have allergies to something when you don't have overt symptoms while eating those foods.

As you can imagine, D is not impressed. Meanwhile we are off learning about food substitutes.


  1. Most people are allergic to diary and don't even realize it. Once off of it you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

  2. I got a chuckle from this comedy sketch about nutritionists:

  3. Hi Sue!

    D is a bit too miserable to notice the benefits of no dairy or eggs right now. :)

    I'm not a huge dairy consumer outside of creme for my tea and the occasional ice cream and dessert.

    In many ways it would be easier if both of us were allergic to the same things. I hope I don't find out I have a whole different set of allergies!


    Thanks for that! I will pass it along to D.