Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Travel Communications

My new Tablet worked just great on the trip. Read 5 books. Surfed the net when I could get wifi for free. Fit in my purse perfectly. Very happy I sprung for it.

One thing D and I found out was that it cost us nothing for him to call me on our world phone using Skype. But when I called him, the same length of phone call (2o min) cost our phone account $35. Next time I'll just call him when I can talk so he can call me right back.

I think D was a bit miffed with me because he was expecting to hear from me upon arrival when I had told him I'd be in touch once I got to London (meaning my hotel) which was at the end of the trip.

I didn't think there was an issue with arrival because he knew I got on the plane and he tracks my flight...anyways communication blunder! He knew I was alive when the credit card line items started coming in...

For those who are curious, wifi and internet was available on the cruise ship. For what I consider to be an astronomical amount of money.

It starts at $35/hr and goes up to the hundreds depending on the package. No thank you. I saw lots of people at the computer stations.

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