Monday, August 22, 2011

Global Entry

The reason why I thought I was going to miss my connection home from JFK was because I assumed that when you are connecting, you don't leave the secured area of an airport.

You may have to go to another terminal but until now, that has always involved a bus, airport tram or walking, not exiting a terminal and re-entering. I had a 2 1/2 hr layover and the thought of cutting it close never crossed my mind.

So, when the opportunity to ask a question relating to the Global Entry program came up, I took it. It was a 45 min wait to get through passport control at JFK. I knew from the Nexus site that Canadian members can use the Global Entry machines.

I just didn't know if that required another interview or application so I didn't risk losing my place in line to find out. No one used it while I waited so I couldn't see what was involved.

When I got up to the booth, I asked the fellow who also didn't know but lucky me, their office was in this terminal so I can stop by and find out.

It was like a scene out of the Sopranos. The 5 officers working out the office were joking around and had great sense of humour. It didn't bother them that I didn't have an appointment and the procedure was simple to add me to the Global Entry system since I already had Nexus.

All they had to do was type some stuff up, take another picture of me and get my thumb and finger prints again. If they match my Nexus ones, I was in. This barely took 30 min and I was very appreciative they were able to help me right away.

They thought the Nexus system was pretty neat because of the iris scan technology. The Global Entry system uses a passport scan and finger prints to get through.

The very best part? I will not have to fill out those blue US entry forms again! There was no cost associated with adding me on. Unfortunately there is if you are going about it the other way around. And finally, you do have to get this done at an American airport with a Global Entry office. We will need to remember this the next time for D.

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