Sunday, August 14, 2011


Some final thoughts on Venice before moving on to recent trip.

We took a taxi upon arrival because we were tired and wanted to just go. It cost 38 euro. On the way back we took the airport bus which was a good experience for 5 euro each. You can take a ferry (Alilaguna) to and from central Venice but it takes over a hour each way.

At the airport, you have to got through additional passport screening before you are able to proceed to the check in counter. Why? I have no idea. They used this small magnifying eye cup like jewellers use to look at the watermark on your passport. If they like what they see, you get a security sticker.

If you are a fan of churches, get a Chorus Pass for 10 euros which allows you in 16 churches. Single admission is 3 euro.

We really enjoyed wandering around the shopping streets. They are full of unique shops. I'm not into souvenirs but I appreciate things that are hand made and artistic.

D is a huge fan of Persol sunglasses and have been scouring stores looking for a cool replacement pair. He had no luck when we were in Rome earlier this year but lucked out in Venice.

Turns out this store was where Elton John bought his last pair of glasses from. There is a picture of him with the owner behind the counter. D's glasses are no where as flamboyant.

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