Friday, July 15, 2011

Turbo Hub Update

D got us an answer about our terrible experience with the Turbo Hub a couple of weekends ago. There was a major outage due to overloading of the system.

Because our hub uses the cellular network and we are in cottage country, our tower (which is fairly new) has to be able to handle all the weekenders who are just coming for the weekend.

They have underestimated the volume of users. There is no issues during the business week but come 5 pm on a Fridays all matter of heck breaks loose.

A lot of cell phone plans entice you with free calls after 6 pm depending on your company. And with most families there are multiple phones. So the picture is easily formed.

Each family coming up either renting or owning or visiting brings with them phones that use data on top of what locals already use. Add to that the popularity of downloading photos for all to see, a data traffic jam is what can happen.

We are interested to see how this non long weekend stacks up now that summer vacation is here. Hopefully better!

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