Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking Ahead

The result of our Turbo Hub this weekend was "OK" in the mornings and down the rest of the weekend. So "regular" summer weekend usage is still overwhelming the system.

So I just switched to reading books on my laptop instead. By the way, the final Harry Potter movie was very satisfying. I even splurged on popcorn!

Out where we live, we are in dire need of rain. It hasn't rained for weeks and we finally broke down over the weekend to water our trees and gardens. The high temperatures has stalled our outdoor painting and other work.

I'm starting to compose in my head a secondary maintenance list that will require capital savings. Things like repairing/replacing our septic tank at the cottage, re-surfacing our asphalt driveway at home.

Not really sure when the septic will need to be replaced. Any checks we've had has been great and being just the two of us, we do not constitute a high load for the system. It doesn't hurt to have some money set aside just in case, now that the account won't really be needed for a new roof for a while.

The driveway I can comment on. It does need some help and I have no idea how much things like that cost. One of these days I'll get around to requesting a quote. Nearby neighbours recently had theirs done in concrete. I want to get quoted for both just to know the difference.

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