Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Heat

My new office air conditioning can get really cold. So much so I have left a permanent emergency layer there just in case. There is nothing worst than feeling like doing jumping jacks in the middle of summer because you are freezing.

At home we hover at the 74 - 75 degree F range. Not enough to make one freeze but enough to take the humidity out of the air. It is not on overnight. The house has done really well this season in light of our high high temperatures.

They are calling for 49 C humidex today and there is talk records may be broken.

Our city has asked people not to water lawns due to lowered water levels from lack of rain the past month. Our grass is showing dry patches now. They say it is just going dormant.

We have made an extra effort to close blinds during the day to help keep heat out. Our hydro and water bill came out to $108 last month. Not bad for us especially when actual usage is barely half of it.

Being on well and septic at the cottage has advantages here. Not having to pay for usage or the fees that cost well more. Makes for reasonable monthly running expenses.


  1. Wow, 75F is really cool. Maybe it's because I spent 11 years in central Texas but that is an expensive temperature to live at.

    To keep it cheap, I prefer 80F in the summer and 65F in the winter, with appropriate clothing for each.

  2. @TJT

    Our house hasn't hit 80F yet on its own without air conditioning even with the high heat we've been experiencing. I think the triple brick exterior is a good insulator.

    So going from 77F to 74 - 75F is just enough to make the air less humid for us without spending much more than $1 a day for hydro.

    Even then our humistat is registering at around 70% which in my experience, makes a bigger difference to perceived temperature than just the temp ie. 75F with 50% humidity.