Monday, July 11, 2011

Future Travel Plans

I have been slowly but surely doing research on travels to Indochina -- Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand. The original idea was to use turning 40 as an excuse to go. But seriously, when have I needed an excuse to see a new place, right?

So it may not happen next year. The cost is high to cover all that distance and to get in the experiences I would like in less than a month. It's because I am considering an adventure tour and flights are used instead of spending days on end on trains which is what a lot of travellers do in order to save on hotel nights.

Speaking of hotels, you may consider me a wimp as I want air conditioning and my own bathroom. I don't need 5 stars, 3 would be fine. Even though it may be a tourist trap, I am really excited at the idea of spending a couple of nights on a Junk Boat in Halong Bay and eating some fantastic seafood.

What I'm not excited about is the possibility of having to get inoculated for Japanese Encephalitis and possibly rabies, on top of malaria pills. Torturous side effects aside, the price tag on those 3 items cost over $1000.

So it is almost like buying 2 plane tickets a person before the price of the trip. (I already have Typhoid and Yellowfever, from last year's failed trip to Argentina) My life is worth more than $1000, I know. It's another significant line on the trip budget, that's all.

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