Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Adriatic

Travel review posts continued...

D and I are liking the Adriatic side of things more and more. It is vastly different from the Mediterranean side. The wealth there is more hidden. There is much more space and vastness. Areas are pristine and tourist groups (if you even see any) are much smaller.

Whereas evidence of wealth is pretty much in your face in Monaco and Nice port. Loads of tour groups following hand raised signs everywhere. Not as bad as Venice (our high water mark now) but enough for you to wonder what is going on? Why are people reluctant to discover very safe places on their own?

As we are being changed by the new places we encounter, we are increasingly wondering if our "old favourites" will continue to hold favour still? We'll be returning to France in the fall, specifically Paris first then renting an apartment in Nice again.

We are also aching to get back to Germany and Holland again. But the lure of Belgium is enticing and everything is tempered by D's restrictive holiday allowance. He has officially asked if taking time off without pay would be acceptable. We are awaiting word.

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