Monday, July 25, 2011

Frustrating People 2

Well my frustrating people experience took place at Best Buy. I'm inching closer to buying a tablet.

Basically I've down graded what I would like it to have. My last search was for something that runs Windows 7 and would be basically a laptop replacement. So I had my heart set on the Asus Eee 64 GB.

Now I've decided I don't need something even that big. I am willing to consider an Android running tablet like the Motorola 32GB Xoom. At half the price of the Asus, and I can buy some conversion app that will convert my excel spreadsheet into a usable form. I can read my books and send email using a WIFI connection.

For some reason I was caught up with having a specific and expensive browser/operating system when it isn't necessary.

D and I figured this on our own because the fellow who was the "expert" in the department couldn't help us at all other than offer to "look it up online" with us. I told him I could do that at home. The value with being here is to be shown how something works.

I don't understand what the value is in hiring someone who doesn't know the products? All he was able to contribute was for the $20 price difference, you can get an iPad 2 and it can do everything.

What does that mean? And when I asked him that, all he could say was it that it is the second generation iPad, so you know what you are getting...vs the Xoom and others which are first generation...

So I ask about my spreadsheets. He didn't know. He didn't know if it can be done on the Android tablets either. The way he said it, it felt like I was supposed to find his answer acceptable. Oh yeah, the spreadsheet app on an iPad is called "Numbers". OK.

Yes, I realized he was telling the truth of he didn't know. But I don't find that acceptable. I would not hire someone who cannot really help other than to say they don't know. Aren't they supposed to learn about the products? I'd like to get paid just for being there and not being helpful.

This isn't the first time I've run into issues with help at Best Buy. When I was looking to purchase my bluetooth headset, the guy then didn't know how the set up with my computer would be like because he owns a Mac.

That's really helpful, especially when the tone intimated at the superiority of Macs. I couldn't help rolling my eyes at D.

I have no issues with Apple. If they produce a product that will work for me, I'll happily buy it. Knowing the differences between the products, pros and cons is what I was after, in order to make a somewhat educated decision.

Isn't that true for most things? I just wasn't going to jump on any bandwagon just because someone tells me it is the best but cannot explain if it would be the best for me.


  1. I wonder if they care at Best Buy if their employees are familiar with the merchandise they're selling or not. I had a similar experience at a Best Buy several years ago. I found out what I needed to know from my son, and didn't make a purchase at Best Buy. In fact, I haven't been to a Best Buy since.

  2. @Days

    I didn't go back to that store either. I went to a different store after calling first to see if they had people who could answer my questions. Ended up talking to a great guy who knew. What a relief that was! I was happy to give him the sale.