Friday, June 17, 2011

Back In A Week

We will be leaving this weekend for Italy. With everything that has gone on this first half of the year, we are both really happy about getting away for a bit.

Even though mentally we know that making money isn't all that, it isn't until exhaustion hits before you remember that time is number one thing D and I value. We both have a hard time saying "No" to everything that may look good on paper but can drain you dry in reality.

Oh, and a quick update about my office move. I will be starting at my new office as of July. Everything is there and ready to go. There was even less stuff than last year and took a fraction of the time to move than I thought. All good things.

Hope everyone has a productive and fun week.


  1. Have fun and stay safe. Both my daughters have been to Italy, but it's still a dream for me. I'll look forward to possible pictures.

  2. Thanks Jan! I hope you will get to realize your dreams someday.