Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun Times!

I'm at an interesting financial cross roads and will be taking the month of May or beyond if needed to feel things out a bit.

My "annuity" from D is scheduled to start next year. For new readers who may not know what I'm talking about, it is the amount of money that D needs to fully own 50% of our properties, to be a true partner. As it is important for him to do so, we have come to call the equalization payment my annuity.

The value of it sits at around $133000. So, what that means is that I've overpaid by that amount and have continued to pour in mortgage prepayments weekly with the hopes of ending our ties to the bank earlier. What that also means is my annuity starts earlier.

I'm asking myself whether it matters to me to have my annuity start earlier? Or would I like to start saving again and stop right now?

If you ask D, his answer would be stop right now. That I've done enough. Cut that stressful part out of your life. He is fully capable of handling things from here. Just back off.

Guess it isn't much in my nature to back off. It has gotten me this far in life, not without some health costs though. Being somewhat of a control freak still, I worry about things falling apart if I don't keep my finger in it.

The interesting part is even I have to admit we are close enough to the end. More importantly to D, it is a symbol of my confidence in him and his career to carry us through the rest of it. So he is taking my controlling behaviour personally.

I will not be making additional prepayments this month. Instead I will put the monies into a savings account and letting it sit there while I ponder if I can be done with all this.

In other news, I just receive the last of my trip refunds. It totalled more than I expected which is always exciting. I was supposed to receive only 50% back from Icelandair and they must have added some airport taxes into it mix as I received 72% back. Cool!

The funds have already been spent again as D and I just confirmed a trip to Italy (Venice) together in June. I've been harping about us going since my short stay there last Nov and I'm really excited we can do this trip together.

He has some strong ideas about travel destinations due to his limited holidays ie. I couldn't pay him to come to Iceland and Sweden with me. I'm fortunate I have time to do both.

Finally, it has been impossible not to drive with a smile these days. I'm really happy with my new (to me) vehicle. It is a true indulgence and not about going green. I couldn't go down to pick it up myself because I was too upset about letting go of my old car. That didn't bother D too much as he loved driving it home.


  1. Congrats on your new indulgence :)Italy in June lucky you guys.

  2. Thanks Sue! It has been a lot of fun. It'll be our first time going in June. Weather is supposed to be mid to high 20's C. With any luck, we might be the same here.