Friday, May 6, 2011

Car Accessories

I've been spending a bit on car accessories. New mats ($282.50), cargo liner ($209.29) and perhaps a trickle charger so my battery doesn't die when we are away for 2 - 3 weeks ($189.84).

A big expense may be coming in the form of 3M film protection of the front end. If I go for it, it will come to around $2300 taxes in. I'm considering it piece by piece.

These are all one time "set up" expenses. That's what I'm telling myself. The last time I went through this (at a much lower rate) was 14 yrs ago for a much simple machine.

Finally, I'll be saving up for new wheels and winter tires. If I get them from the States, they will be cheaper ($2500). In Canada, likely closer to $3600 - $4000.

And here I thought target shooting was expensive! I'm also telling myself it is much cheaper than what my parents paid for a year of piano lessons. It's been fun and I'm enjoying the process more now that I seem to be over my sadness.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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