Monday, May 30, 2011


I think retailers and the travel industry are hurting a bit.

I got a great deal on my recent bookings. D and I took a day trip to a shopping mall yesterday so I can look for a few things and we found some amazing offers.

My work clothes mainly come from Mexx. But yesterday, I didn't find anything great there but completely lucked out at Banana Republic -- A store I haven't shopped at much since my personal budget cut backs.

It felt like shopping in the States. I got 25% off everything and they gave out an extra savings coupon worth 30% off the total. To get good quality things at that much of a discount was amazing.

I bought a top, skirt and dress for just over $100 taxes in. Normally, that is what it would cost for a pair of pants. It was worth the gasoline to get there.


  1. How is shopping in the US different than shopping in Canada?

  2. @ The Executioner;

    It's really different! There is so much more to choose from.

    I heard once from a retailer that Brands view Canadians as conservative so we get the boring looking stuff. The Gap is a good example.

    Also, we don't get the sales or coupons and multiple percentages off on purchases.

    Many a time I've been surprised with an extra 25% off at Macy's at the cash, when I've already gotten half off to begin with.

    Getting 20 - 30% off is a big deal in Canada. Now that there are more discount department stores popping up, you can hunt out better prices. Our regular dept stores are much stingier with sales.

    A lot of people I know make cross border shopping a bit of a sport especially for kids and car stuff.

    Even with the exchange (not so much nowadays) and the taxes at the border, we still come out ahead in many cases. I've never heard of anyone say they are coming to Canada to go cross border shopping... :)