Friday, April 1, 2011

Keep It Coming

A few days ago, I posted about putting some extra savings into our mortgage prepayment. Well, the origin of the savings is D's tax account for when he worked contract for 6 months last year.

He had put aside too much money, it turns out.

Today, he told me there is another $800 left from that account after filing and paying his taxes. Great news I said! But it gets better.

This year, we got our cottage closing for free. It is the 2nd time in the 8 yrs we've owned it. We'll take it, we said! The amount we saved is a little over $200.

Finally, D got a call for some part time contract work lasting 6 - 8 weeks. He has accepted which means some extra spending money for us.

When there is leftover regular income, it does towards debt repayment. The $1000 minus my car repair (rear brakes) will go towards mortgage.

When there is extra income, it gets split between us as fun money. I pop my share into my dream account.


  1. That was great news to have the extra money you hadn't expected. I like that you split extra money. We should all have a dream account!

  2. Hi Jan!

    I think so as we all have personal dreams. Some may not cost anything but a lot do.