Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gift Card

I'm not one to buy for the express purpose of getting a reward but tonight we were at our local drug store and a poster advertised a $20 gas card if we spent $75.

We were there to see if our vitamins were really on sale. I needed to get some face cream plus other household stuff. And another big reason to go was so I could prepay for the Harry Potter DVD coming out this week.

All in all, we ended up spending around $95 and received the gas card. It was a lucky stumble upon tonight. With gasoline prices on the up and up, a gas card is a valued reward for preplanned spending.


  1. I don't buy something just to get a gift card either, but sometimes get them for buying something I need. Combined with a sale and coupons, it can be a real savings. I haven't come across any for a gas card, which would be really nice these days.

  2. Hi Jan;

    We just used the gas card the other day. It put a smile on our face!