Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Drama, Some Fun

Came home to some work drama. I have yet to get all the facts via an official meeting but the gist of it is this -- My office location has received a complaint by an anonymous person (who according to our locality never has to reveal themselves) that the zoning is not accurate for the types of business operating under its roof. There are 3 separate businesses here.

According to the landlord, it is, so creates the drama with the city planning department to make the final call. There are rumours that the call was malicious in nature against the landlord.

Regardless, it is a headache for us and it could mean another move. We are being proactive and am currently looking for alternate locations just in case.

As my colleague is thinking of phasing out their business eventually, I will need to make sure any future space will be suitable for myself in the long term.

Onto more fun ideas, we finalized our fall trip while in Amsterdam. We will be returning to France again and since discovering the cheaper multi stop flights, we will stop in Paris first before going onto Nice. We have rented the same apartment we had 4 yrs ago, overlooking the Port, our favourite location to stay.

I'll post some photos of our recent getaway once they are all downloaded and sorted.

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