Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello From AMS

So what did I expect?

I slept a measly 1 hr my last night in Rome and was subsequently sneezed on constantly during the train ride into Amsterdam from the airport and presto, I am currently battling it out with a head cold.

At least my view is good. The picture above is the view from the bedroom window of the houseboat we have rented for the week as I am sipping hot fluids in bed.

I'll post a full trip report once we return home but so far, we are really liking it here.


  1. Feel better and enjoy your trip.

  2. Sorry to hear you're sick on holiday, but I gotta say, if you're going to be sick, being on a houseboat in Amsterdam with a view like that HAS to be better than being at home in bed and staring at your ceiling! :P Hot lemon & honey and lots of rest. Hope you get better soon!

  3. Thanks Jan & Northern Living Allowance!

    It only ended up lasting 1 1/2 days so not too bad.