Thursday, March 17, 2011

No New News Yet

Clear signs of Spring are upon us. I'm awaiting the last snow removal bill from our contractor. I believe he has gone south to celebrate the end of his very busy seasonal work cycle. Can't say I blame him. We had a tougher winter than usual.

I haven't had my meeting with the landlord yet. It is scheduled for next week. Our business community is pretty small and no new news stays hidden for long.

I've since learned that our municipality is one of the few that still has sub categories for businesses so you can be zoned legal for one type of business but if a different business moves in, they may have to apply for a zoning change, even though the building is zoned for commercial use.

There is no guarantee you'll get it. And it can take months. And a lot of money -- Not something I'd have to worry about as it isn't my building.

How it would affect all of us is the process as it is a public one and there will likely be meetings at city hall, maybe even petitions. Don't know if I care to be involved in all of that.

I seem to be taking all of this much better than I would have thought (No, it doesn't have anything to do with all those "coffee shops" is AMS!). Having gone through the stress of last year's big work blow up, this doesn't compare in scope or scale. The worst case scenario is we look for a new space.

I'm not as concerned because I now know my business is sound. I didn't know/wasn't willing to believe it last year until it was proven to me to be true. We are almost 9 months now and the time mostly has flown.

As the business is designed to be easily portable, a move really does means just a move. Everything else stays the same, thanks to technology. I just know to dig a lot deeper with respect to zoning before I commit to my next spot.

Happy St Paddy's Day!!!


  1. You've certainly got the right attitude. I need to work on not being so anxious about things.

  2. Hi Jan;

    Most of the time I try not to lose my cool... :)