Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Times

I'm entering a busy work cycle. Sometimes it just means busy and doesn't translate into actually income, rather an investment towards future income. In an ideal situation I am doing a bit of both. Hope that ends up being the case.

In an advice article I read somewhere, an author recommended to employees who get a fixed number of holidays a year to plan ahead and make sure to take all of them.

As the author is self employed, she couldn't understand why so many people have time left over as she struggles with taking enough time off.

I must say, I can relate to her views. Why wouldn't someone take their yearly allotted time?

Compared to my colleagues, I take the most time off each year. With any luck and perseverance, I will continue to do so until I cannot physically go or decide to put my attention elsewhere. Gosh. I could go somewhere once a month if I could.

On a lucky note, the landlord of my office building is reducing all of our rents significantly for the duration of time this zoning/renovation to code will take. That's awfully nice of him and we all appreciate it very much.

Cash flow is going to be tighter this next 6 months as I am saving towards some rather large continuing education courses. It is time and I'm not keen about it even though it is a really smart career move.

There are potentially 5 sections with each session costing $3000 and I have get myself there, stay and eat. The first one can start as early as July.

All I can think of right now is where in the world I could go with all that money and I've gone this long without it...I have to literally lock this money into some account so I cannot get my travel fingers on it.


  1. An enjoyable read The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. loved the way she wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal.

  2. It is nice that your rent is being reduced during the construction time. It does take a toll on business traffic. I know a lot of people who don't use all their holidays each year. Some are workaholics and some say they just don't like to travel.

  3. thats good that you get the rent reduction, sounds like a good landlord.

    I'm going to save a few weeks annual leave, I always like to keep an extra few weeks up my sleeve in case of illness or a family emergency.

    We're fortunate downunder as most people get 4 weeks annual leave and 2 weeks sick leave, in my current job I get 7 weeks annual leave so I can afford to keep a few for later.

  4. Hi Jan;

    I am a believer of "forced relaxation". Sometimes you don't even realize you need a break until you take a break.

    Yes, it is really nice to get a break in rent! I appreciate it very much! I'm not sure that if I worked in a large city, I would have gotten it. Everyone knows everyone here.

    Hi Louise;

    Wow, 7 weeks of paid holidays! In Canada, you generally have to work 10 yrs to get 4 weeks! That makes sense to me why you can afford to hold some time over.