Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wrap Up

I'm behind in my 2011 bookkeeping. I have all the papers and numbers ready for Quicken but haven't sat down to start it -- maybe this weekend.

Despite February being the smallest month of the year, it tends to feel like the longest to me. And despite my having just come home from a short vacation, I am ready to leave again.

I think it is the winter blues/blahs etc getting to me again. I do use a light box and am working out on my exercise bike again. And in a few weeks we will be leaving again.

There are 3 more test drives to be done and the car research will have wrapped up. No real timeline for a decision. It's nice not to have pressure that way. I'm sure the salespeople wish otherwise.


  1. It has seemed like a long month. I've been putting in long hours and with very little time spent in sunshine I feel like I'm living in a cave. One month til SPRING!!

  2. Hi Jane!

    Same here...I normally don't even mind winter but this year has been different. Enough, I say!