Friday, February 18, 2011


I admit it. I tend to be a homebody when I'm at home. And I really enjoy just puttering around without a schedule.

That's probably why some of D's friends cannot get their head around me travelling around by myself. I guess they've only seen the homebody me.

This came up the other day during a conversation with a friend of mine who runs a solo home business. They are a one car family so when she's at home all week, she feels stranded and stuck.

So they are now looking for a 2nd car. She did have a car but gave it up when the lease expired, thinking she wouldn't miss it.

Yes, I'm full of ironies as I don't feel stranded when at home for long stretches but I'm the one car shopping.


  1. What about a Vespa? Great on gas, insurance is cheaper, economical price...

  2. Hi Jane!

    I've always wanted a red one! Even have a Christmas tree ornament of one...