Friday, February 25, 2011

Wish List Item

It's rare that I actually pick up a real book anymore. I read my news and books electronically. Because of that I'm considering buying a tablet computer of some sort.

We were at Best Buy a few weeks ago and they had just got in one of these... an Asus Eee Slate. The concept is pretty neat, I love the size though I'm not sure you wouldn't develop carpal tunnel holding it up.

Don't know if it comes with some kind of stand but it does come in 2 different hard drive formats. I'd buy the bigger one.

It would substitute for my laptop when I'm away and I will have something even lighter to read from. I find e-readers too restrictive size wise and function wise. The screens all seem too grey and small.

At the risk of offending Apple users, the ipad seems too trendy and more like a toy to me. I want something that can substitute for my computer when I'm away and something I can read with anytime.

I'm not interested in buying apps or books. I want to be able to use my library e-reader and continue to read free books without having to pay for data, therefore wifi is a must. My library system isn't compatible with Kindle or ipad.

I just want to be able to do what I do on a daily basis but in a thinner and lighter package. Where it can be packed away in my purse or carry on without an extra carrying case, without attracting notice.

Since I'm using Windows 7 and like it, the Asus felt like home to me. The price is steep as it is new but I'm expecting it to drop once the market becomes more saturated with similar products.


  1. The second iPad is coming out I think in April - maybe that will help bring other text reader prices down.

  2. HI Jane!

    I hope so. It doesn't take long nowadays. Just look at the price of Blu ray players now!

    By the way, AMAZING job you did this month on bill repayment, savings and non spending! Congratulations!