Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Guilt

One thing that has bothered me since the beginning of going out on my own is the fact I have not created any jobs.

My business is a 1 person show. I have honed things such the I am able to mostly manage all the moving parts. I say mostly because I am still getting used to the increase hours.

The extra administrative work I take on places my total weekly hours to 36.5 hrs a week of which 20 of it is admin. It started in the 50's.

I guess I could consider hiring someone to take over the 20 hrs but the work isn't challenging or hard. It is just menial. As long as I am willing to do it, my overhead stays very low and with my current rental income, I get to keep all of my pay.

I also like the scale of my business. It has shrunk since my move as some office constraints will not suit some clients. But the lowered numbers have been more than offset by the decreased overhead. Ironically, I take home more money now seeing less people but doing more admin.

More often than not, I can mentally see myself putting along like this for a while yet. That is a huge departure from where I was mentally at my old spot. I just couldn't wait to get out. Plus I really like collecting actual money, not just a paycheque. Who would have thought?

If I did hire someone part time and wish to bring home the same amount of money, I would have to work more. Would one just replace the other? In reality, no. I would have to work 2 more hours to offset the cost.

The thing is, I don't want to see more people. I see enough people. And I don't want to spend time managing people either. I like having the control. Guess I am coming back to the same answer as I did last time.


  1. It is understandable why you continue to do all of the work yourself and hey - you're getting faster at it!

  2. Hi Jane;

    I'd like to think so but some days, the vacuuming and mopping wears on you... :)

    Have a great weekend!