Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Nexus Cards

Our Nexus cards came in the mail yesterday. My picture is not great as I had suspected since the person who took it was holding the camera with one not very steady hand...

We thought we would get our irises scanned at the interview office but were told it is done at an airport so we'll have to figure something out as the real value of the cards for us is for air travel.

We also found out it is a requirement to show up at a border office once a year to update information. It is an informal thing but necessary none the less. I feel it is an additional hassle that isn't spelled out anywhere on their website.

The interview process wasn't, in my opinion, very professional. I thought we would be taken into an office to be interviewed. Instead, they were set up to interview 4 people at a time with each of us standing at a counter where you could hear what everyone else was saying.

As the questions were of a personal nature, I couldn't help thinking this wouldn't fly in Canada where we take our privacy laws very seriously.

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