Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Car Woes

I don't lead a typical life. Nor do most of you out there in blog land. We lifestyle and personal finance bloggers tend to go against the grain.

We are hoping to strive for "typical" life goals earlier and faster than most and we are choosing to live differently in order to do so.

Most of us have not inherited any large sums of money to give us a head start. We seem to enjoy "beating others at their own game" and circumventing what social norms we have around us.

I wonder then, if that particular mindset has led me to attract the "not easy" things in life?

D wondered that out loud yesterday when we spend a few hours looking up potential candidates for my next vehicle.

It does seem like I cannot settle on an "easy" vehicle either in availability or in just the right combination of features at the right price.

So the search results show like this: Only 30 in Canada, I hate the seat fabric, it is on back order, you cannot even find one in the showroom to look at because they are sold out, what I would like costs more than my mortgage outstanding or I would have to buy it from another province without ever seeing what the colour really looks like...

Why can't I like an "ordinary" vehicle that is mass produced, with many found on dealers lots?

Because I've been driving one of those for almost 14 yrs now and she is still going strong and will likely keep working for me for another 5 plus years at least.

And because ever since we came back from Berlin, I've grown an appreciation for German design, engineering and performance.

These are problems of the privileged, I know.


  1. Yup, those Germans know what they're doing - and if we bloggers aren't the norm why would our cars be any different? Getting 14-20 years out of a car is pretty impressive:)

  2. Hi Jane;

    I would not have described myself as a car person at all a few years ago.

    You are right -- why would I have thought it would be any different?

    I'm looking forward to getting better safety and handling features in my next vehicle.

    It is tough to let go of a car that has and continues to serve me so well.

    I honestly didn't think I'd still have her!