Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Car Stuff

I've decided to donate my vehicle to Teen Challenge Farm when the time comes. The thought of trying to sell my car privately doesn't appeal to me.

The only dealer who wants will take it on a trade in is another Honda dealership. D got $2500 as a trade for his '97 CRV with 314K. I would get a little more as mine is in better condition. But, I'm not looking for another Honda right now.

The reason being, I have this weird belief that Japanese cars built outside of Japan have more problems. Because I believe this, I look for the VIN to begin with a J.

There aren't too many Japanese vehicles we can buy that are built in Japan anymore. As vehicles get more popular, North American plants pop up to start building them, thus often lowering the cost.

People we know who own such vehicles have had more issues with their cars (old and new) then I have had with mine. So I'm a bit paranoid now.

D's Outback was put together in Indiana. Whereas all Foresters, WRXs and STIs are still made in Japan. I guess we'll wait and see with this one.

D's Civic (built in Canada) we had for barely a year had more issues than my car has had in 14 yrs and it was an 2005.

So now I'm looking to Germany for some inspiration. The reliability ratings can be mixed depending on the brand. I'm afraid it may come down to deciding on whether I wish to have a nice looking car that needs care or a spartan one.

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