Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyday Fun

I finally did my bookkeeping for January. Just in time to get ready to do Feb's too. Income wise, I am running a little over $3000 compared to projected.

I wish I can say it is sitting in a bank account somewhere. It probably is but as with most variable income businesses, it isn't so simple.

The $3000 is made up of cash and credit income. This year, as we are stable enough in our savings foundation we are able to continue to divide credit income between D and I.

Yes, we finally get actual spending money (outside of the "house" sponsored trips)! Not just the $40 a month allowance we've been living with for the last few years.

And it has been a great raise for us -- In the average range of $1000 each/month to do with as we please. This is why my 2010 trips are paid for and I've started looking at cars...

My cash income has been so far, enough to cover our savings goals, mortgage prepayments and visa bills. And when there is more cash coming in, then our savings goals get reached earlier.

It's divide and deposit after each work day. When my mortgage prepayment job ends in Jan 2011, it will be awesome. Life will get simpler. There will be less pressure to achieve a consistent level of income.

Last week, I treated myself to one of these and a facial. It was super! I hadn't been to a spa for over 2 years. Prices have not waited for me to catch up either. My total bill came to $136! You know what would be fantastic? To go once a month.

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