Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work Utilities

There has been a significant increase in our utility bills at the office vs at home. Heating so far this winter has been 50% more than what we pay at home.

I realize commercial utilities as well as property taxes are higher than residential but seeing the numbers for real can still be shocking.

I'm going to ask my other colleagues who also run their own offices if they have seen a jump in their bills. Not that we can do too much about it outside of weatherstripping but it is nice to know if I'm far off the mean.

We are nearing the end of Jan and I am just starting to feel like I'm catching up. I'm grateful work has been busy enough. There are still casual return calls to be made to friends, cards to send, books to read.

In the ideal world, we'd be hibernating and have time to slowly get to everything. But in our working world, those of us non retired people must keep going even though I would prefer to take a nap.

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