Monday, January 24, 2011


We are in the midst of investigation some new technology that doesn't help us save any money per se, but will increase our lifestyle flexibility.

With Rogers it is called a "rocket hub", with Telus it is called a "smart hub" and with Bell it is called a "turbo hub". What it is, is a portable wireless modem that plugs into an electrical outlet allowing up to 15 devices to connect to the Internet via the wireless network.

Currently we have no land line or Internet at the cottage. This device would allow us to go to the cottage say on a Thurs night and D would be able to work from there on Fridays, thus allowing us to avoid the typical Fri night traffic. I would be able to do my administrative work from there as well.

The cost of this hub is $150 for the unit and a min plan of $35/month.

The coolest potential feature is the ability to use this across Canada. You are likely realizing where I'm going with this... it would replace the Internet service we currently pay at the ski condo.

It can work at airports and hotels that do not offer WIFI. And should we ever decide on a property out east, it can work there.

We could use it at home or my business but there are data limits depending on the plan and D didn't think we could depend on it for daily life.

We need to ask more questions. They offer a 15 day money back guarantee just in case we take it up north and get no reception.


  1. This is how I use my iPhone for Internet on my netbook on the long morning and evening train commutes. I can also use it at a friends house without worrying about open wifi networks. I've really enjoyed it, and rumor has that the next version of iOS will create a hub like you describe. (right now I use Bluetooth, which is available to only one computer at a time.)

    Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

  2. That's fantastic! That's the way we'll go then when we move to PEI for good. Places with wifi are far and few between and who knows...I may feel like blogging when I'm lying on a beach somewhere:)

  3. Hi Robert;

    Thanks for your feedback on portable internet. Have you found the costs reasonable? We are planning to get the lowest data plan as we don't download stuff.

    Hi Jane;

    The best place to be blogging is from a great beach... :)