Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nexus Cards

D has gotten it in his head that we ought to apply for the Nexus cards so that our cross border trips and flights in/through US customs will be quicker and easier.

It costs $50 US for 5 years and in order to apply you have to do this pre-application which takes a while so that you can be issued an online log in whereby the real application can be done.

He haven't figured out if we pay whether we'd get approved or not. Once the application is processed and approved, we have to show up at a border office to get interviewed and should be pass that, our pictures are taken and ID card issued.

D got his pre-application done last night. I haven't started mine yet and am not convinced I want to due to sheer laziness right now. Otherwise I feel the idea is sound.

What if only one of us is approved? How will border crossing in the same car work then?


  1. Friends of ours have the Nexus pass-everyone in the car must have one in order to use the Nexus lane at the border crossing, hence, if only one of you gets approved, you won't be able to travel together and use that advantage. My understanding is that unless you have a criminal record or infractions at the border in the past, you'll be approved.

  2. Hi psychsarah!

    Thanks so much for the information.

    I see this morning that they have taken the money from the visa so I guess we pay either way.

    There isn't any reason why we wouldn't get approved so here's too a speedy process!