Monday, January 17, 2011

Exit Strategy

There may be an upcoming glitch with my new office.

I rent out space to a colleague whose side business may be getting to the point where they will no longer need to rent space from me.

I'm happy for them and their future opportunities. In the last few years they have been discontented with their primary work and have been looking for alternate ways to earn/replace their primary income.

They are anticipating in the next 6 months of making a real breakthrough.

So, I've been re-working my cash flow spreadsheet in light of the news. So far, the impact would affect my savings and some re-prioritization will have to happen.

Playing around with the numbers, I figured out if they quit today, I will still have achieved my prepayment goal for the year.

So anything beyond today, I will be achieving the next savings goals on the list which is beefing up my working and non registered accounts.

I do not require their income to afford my office.

It has been a good exercise for me to remember what it means to depend on others to afford things and how I don't like to do that.

We will be having a talk tomorrow about their exit strategy.


  1. It's great to know where you stand financially and it sounds like you are doing absolutely fantastic with your business venture. Good for you! I wish you luck as you move forward, and all the best to your rental clients as they re-vamp their business too. It's so great to hear that some businesses are doing really well!

  2. Hi Makky's Mom!

    Thank you! It is a relief knowing everything will be alright.

    I agree -- Good news is appreciated in today's economy. It has been too much doom and gloom.