Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Clipping Along Coldly

Since I've been at my new office location, my morning commute has shrunk. One consequence has been my lack of cold weather acclimatization this year. I haven't been able to keep warm since Nov.

My lazy body knows what the answer is -- cardio and it shall start today.

D and I both got our Nexus pre-applications back and we are scheduled in for interviews in the next few weeks. The timing is perfect as I will be flying out of the States soon. The interview is supposed to last 1/2 hr.

The Bank of Canada rate announcement on Tues ushered in no changes so our mortgage payments stay put for now.

D started contributing to his employee stock ownership program and the results are slowly trickling in. There is something to having a small amount of money taken beforehand and seeing how even it can slowly add up.

Me, on the other hand has invested $9000 in stocks in both my non registered and registered accounts. The later to help lower my taxes owing this year.

As with each start of the year, I'm anxiously waiting to file my taxes, just to get last year over with. There isn't much satisfaction as I have to wait for the various investment slips to arrive which won't be until Feb.


  1. Yes, I'd love to get going on my taxes too but have to wait for documentation. I imagine my refund will be about the same as last year as not much has changed.

  2. Hi Jane;

    I don't know if you do your taxes online but Ufile has opened up its 2010 software so I'll be inputting my numbers in this weekend so it will mostly be ready to go.

    Good for you for getting a refund. No such luck for me this year.