Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Contrast of Importance

Being the ever practical person at times, I already have my one must buy Christmas present purchased and I will be handing it over tonight not to be opened until they wish of course.

As it is really breakable and with my schedule being crazy the next month, I didn't want to lug it to our annual Christmas dinner out in Dec.

Because my friend knows I do not place any emphasis on the commercial side of Christmas anymore nor am into the stresses the holiday seem to bring out, she'll chuckle at me and understand.


I'm glad my work day doesn't start til the afternoon because I will be able to reflect on Remembrance Day Tomorrow morning. I am at the age of what parents whose sons went off to the war would have been. I cannot imagine the stresses and sorrow many of them went through.

Many of us are free to do whatever we'd like because of the sacrifices of our veterans. One of the most emotional points I've had in a museum occurred at the National War Museum in Ottawa. I would highly recommend it. We were there on a day where one of the veterans from WWII was present. I couldn't really talk to him because I was so emotional.

We had just come through the trenches and emerged into an area showing how it would have felt like for a veteran to come home to a modern (for the times), freshly done home. The contrasting silence just screamed at you. I know I'm not doing justice with the description so go and see it for yourself.


  1. Glad to hear you are being reflective today - my dad was in WW2 and my grandfather in WW1 along with numerous uncles. I am thinking of them...

  2. Hi Jane!

    What a history of service in your family. We are very lucky to not have to go to war.