Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bit of Trouble

Took a quick listen on Livemocha of some basic Croatian, Turkish and Greek and quickly realized I am in trouble. I'll be happy if I can remember hello, thank you, goodbye and how much?

I was fiddling around with changing my seats on my flight and managed to lose my seat completely and could not get it back. Great. Called the travel agent as I used points for this flight and was assured I didn't lose my seat but I'm not convinced.

She also told me I shouldn't be able to pull up stuff like that on a code share flight but I can...I'll have wait until check in to see if I've done any permanent damage.

In the fog that was jet lag a week ago, I made another mistake with my work deposit so I'll be dinged a couple of dollars in penalty fees. Not impressed with myself. I have D double check my counting now.

There appears to be a slow snow season out west so far this year. Last year our resort had quite a bit of snow. Opening day is supposed to be Dec 4th. We were talking about what we'd do if there weren't enough snow by Christmas. Would we still go out?

I'd like to but D would prefer to hold out til the new year. We'll just wait and see. Mid Dec will be here before we know it.

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