Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Yeah Friday! We are home this weekend and have some house and office errands to run. And some books to read as they are close to being due back at the library. And a movie to see as we have a coupon getting close to expiry. All good stuff.

The cottage roof is starting to show its age at 11 yrs old and we noticed a small leak in one of the bedrooms last week. Not enough to drip but a stain. D got up there and patched suspicious spots so when we are up next, we'll be able to see if the stained area is still damp or not. While he was up, he saw some other areas that he will patch, just in case.

We have the money put aside for a replacement roof. I just don't want to be interviewing roofers right now. Ditto for the tree in front of the cottage that is dying. That one is easier because it can be taken down quite quickly and with literally one phone call. Will likely cost $500 - $600 though.

Glancing at my calendar for Oct, this month is shaping up to be a lot of fun socially. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Hi MW
    What is your roof? My house is 102 years old and only on its second roof. Hope you have a lovely weekend and it all doesnt proof too expensive

  2. Hi Lizzie!

    Most people around here use asphalt shingles. They come in different levels of "life" but I've found that at around 15 yrs they start curling and looking worn.

    People also use cedar shingles (much more expensive but would last 50 yrs), metal (ditto and supposed to last forever). Some older homes have slate which technically should never need replacing either. I can't imagine how expensive that would be.

    D reckons our cottage roof should come in the $3000 range for replacement as it isn't too big an area.