Thursday, September 30, 2010

Everyday Stuff

We picked up our snow blower yesterday. Didn't end up getting the one from Costco but found an online ad for a used one (same price -- $800, better machine).

It is a 3 yr old 9 1/2 HP 27" Sears Craftsman in fantastic shape. I joked with the bank teller that my buying a snow blower will virtually guarantee a mild winter. She said she was going to hold me to that.

We complete our first business quarter in our new location after today. Can hardly believe it. Things seem to be clipping along at a good pace. Sept income is higher than projected so really, no complaints.

D was working from home most of this week because he has been suffering with a bad cold. I believe it is due to him overdoing things and it caught up with him. His marathon is in a couple of weeks. He is studying for an exam for work. And he has been working his contract side job as well as his regular full time job.

Luckily, the contract side job has been completed for now as the project work comes in chunks. He is committed to the company for the remainder of the year though.

The exam will be a biggie. Passing it will allow him to move to the next pay band at work and it was an expectation of the company during the transition from contract to full time that he completes it. Plus they will only pay for the course and exam if he passes. The 3 day out of town course starts the day after the marathon and his exam is later that week. Busy times.


  1. We've been looking at snow blowers as well. J and I shoveled the snow off the driveway with two old shovels last winter... and we had a lot of snow + the driveway isn’t short!

  2. So glad to hear that the business is going so well. Make sure you tell D to take care of himself as that marathon is going to be here before he knows it. Make sure he tapers well so he's ready to go race day. Wish him good luck for me...hope he has a great marathon. Any thoughts you might join him in running a marathon one of these times?

  3. Hi Sandra!

    You are going to laugh but I actually like shovelling snow and until this change in work location, I was going to keep shovelling.

    Now, I don't have the mornings off anymore and cannot afford to miss a couple of hours of calls while I am outside pushing snow. Plus D doesn't have a lot of time before work to help so a snow blower will make the job quicker, albeit WAY louder!

    Hi Sue!

    He is doing better, thank goodness. Even went out for a small run last night. I will pass on the well wishes! Thank you!

    It would likely benefit me to get out there with him, considering the level of stress that has been going on! We have been talking about giving adventure racing a try.