Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Use This!

The office photocopier for all intents and purposes is "done". It needs a couple of parts when you add in labour isn't completely worth it. What's holding me back is a couple of new toners and it is a shame to me to not use them. Maybe they can be sold, I'm not sure.

Those of you who also own an old house where the wooden windows open, you'd likely know all about weatherstripping. We decided to use a caulking like product this year that is supposed to peel off easily once it is dry.

What it didn't say was how much it would stink. Holey smokes, it nearly burned a hole in my throat and nose. Vanilla smell my behind! I had D tear that stuff off after midnight because I couldn't breath. We are going back to using foam tape and returning the remaining 2 tubes.


  1. Can you use it on the OUTSIDE of the windows instead? Just wondering...

  2. Hi Jane;

    That would be a great idea but we have non removable storm windows on the outside so we cannot get to the other side of the wood ones.

    By the way, you spot in PEI is idyllic! Congratulations!