Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

A couple of sets of tires got bought and sold lately. D found a set of used snow tires and rims for his wagon online and bought them. D sold his snow tires and rims for the Civic online yesterday. He made money on the sale and and overall spent $25 more in his buy.

We are both glad to be rid of the tires. I feel it is always tougher selling than it is buying. Thus the need to think before buying so you wouldn't be stuck selling or worse, selling at a huge loss.

I have been asked to do a work presentation next week. My first one in a long time. The handouts are done and I think it will turn out to be more of a question and answer hour. That ought to go by fast and I'm happy to do it. It is a change of pace.

D did great at his marathon this weekend. It wasn't his fastest time but he had the most fun and walked away after barely sore. He is really pleased with the whole experience.

We had a chance to sample a few new restaurants while we were there and I'm pretty sure I've gained a pound. Next time we are going to take another day off so we don't feel so rushed.


  1. Way to go on the marathon D!!! Big congrats!!!!! Hope you had an awesome run and a great day.

  2. I think the bit about buying being way easier than selling holds true for just about anything! lol
    Takes more effort for one thing and is something I like to put off indefinitely sometimes. I find setting a fair price (for both me and the buyer) a difficult job.

  3. Hi Sue!

    D really enjoyed himself. Played the crowd all the way. Even accepted some licorice and a shot of beer from the folks at one house. Gave me a kiss on the way by which scared the folks around me because I think they thought I didn't know him...He is still riding the high.

    I'm pretty sure he is already crafting his next race in his head. And I'm sure he will want to go faster again and keep the fun a part of it as well.

    Hi Jane!

    I went of a selling spree last year. It was quite cathartic. Because I don't have much patience, I tend to set prices that are perhaps on the low side so that it will move quickly. Not the best for business but I learned a lot.