Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some Savings

One of the perks of D's new job is auto club membership courtesy of a credit card benefit. This will save us around $175 a year. The cost of the card however is about $75 a year so we come out on top by about $100. Neat.

He hasn't cancelled our current membership with Canadian Tire until he has the other system set up and registered. We think we'll get a prorated amount back as a refund.

D just got our benefit cards in the mail as well. I'm coming due for my dental check up so I'll be the first to use the dental benefits.

On a similar benefit vein, we now have a small amount of life insurance again. It was supposed to cover the what is remaining of the mortgage. When all of the decision making was going down, I wasn't too involved with it as I was going a bit crazy with my business.

So, the amount of life insurance ended up too low as a result of no QA of the process. We have another chance in January to make changes so it will get bumped up.


  1. really a good example...
    it will help out may people about there insurance...
    yhanks for sharing...

  2. @ jhon smith;

    Welcome and thank you!