Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Noise Makers

We have 3 neighbours who consistently (in my opinion) have poor timing with when they chose to mow their lawns.

It's like they take turns bothering others (us) who enjoy sitting outside to eat their meals or have end of day catch up conversations.

Seriously, who outside of D and I consider making a whole lot of machine noise at dinner time on a Sunday afternoon not a nice thing to do to your neighbours? The bonus part is 3 of them are young and slow!

Hey, I'm all for taking care of your property. The last one of the 3 neighbours is retired so in my mind, what's their excuse when they are home all week?

We will mow late morning or mid afternoon when we know most people are up and moving. I wish our country was more like Switzerland where they take sound pollution very seriously.


  1. Maybe you can put a flyer for in their mailbox. A great Alberta company that markets push mowers. No noise!

    (I don't work for them, but I just got my new mower from them, awesome mower, awesome service).


  2. Hi middleclassmomintoronto!

    Great idea! It would be a super thing for all of us. Increased exercise, less pollution!

  3. For the younger WORKING couples, it maybe the only time they get to mow. Lucky you guys that you have so much free time to choose when to mow. Only wish everyone had that kind of time.

  4. @ Anonymous;

    If only things were so simple. The 2 non retired couples have 1 person each working full time. I too wish for more leisure time for everyone.

    As I am working 40 hrs a week and D at 55 hrs a week, we do our best to chose our time on the weekends to do the work we cannot do on the weekdays.

    The noise probably bothers me more now because I am working additional hours and look forward to down time at the end of my day.

    I also think part of the issue is old/dull equipment as our property is 3 times larger to manage but it takes us less time to mow and trim.