Monday, September 20, 2010


Turns out the seal issue with D's wagon is some drain hose that had come unattached. He was able to fix it himself. Isn't Google wonderful for stuff like this?

We are starting to convert monies into Euro in anticipation of our upcoming trip while the exchange is good. I've declared my Friday income as "bonus" money day as I am so far able to manage expenses with income from the other days.

We finally got our smart meter installed at home. The new time of day rates will start May 2011. Not looking forward to the increased rates during the day but it is a truer and more realistic indicator of use and cost.

My car was overdue for its oil change. It got done today along with the rear wiper replacement. D's vehicle will require an oil spray before the winter arrives.

The house is going to need its annual weather stripping as will the cottage. It seems like there are all sorts of maintenance like stuff cropping up lately and all at the same time. Guess that's why they call it seasonal.

Oh yeah. We scouted out the snowblower we are planning to buy -- from Costco, a 24" one. We will pick it up one night in the next few weeks during a slower time at the store.

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