Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work Updates

No news yet from my bank regarding the new mortgage payments following the Bank of Canada rate increase yesterday -- hopefully by tomorrow -- I like to know where I stand.

End of May numbers are in and I made $1185.62 net extra. More fun money! Speaking of fun, my 2 upcoming trips are in jeopardy because of this sudden onset of work chaos. I need to make a decision soon or I will forfeit too much.

Lots of meetings set up for today -- a couple of hours with Realtors to look at rental and buy options for my business, just in case the numbers work out. More time with co-workers brainstorming.

The "big" meeting will be tomorrow with the dude who is behind the increase. I am in the midst of coming up with a counter proposal based on a completely different business model than I am currently on. Of course the price tag will be much lower.

Not sure if they will bite or even care to negotiate. If not, then the meeting will turn into a serving of my notice of departure. I tried, right?


  1. Good luck. I hope it turns out for the best for you.

  2. Well, best of luck! I'm sure things will work out for you one way or another, but at least you're making alternate plans. I hope everything turns out well for you!!

  3. Thanks Lizzie & Northern Living Allowance! I'll keep you informed of the outcome!