Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long Week

It has been a very long week. Seriously, most days this week, I had to think about what day it was and if I had eaten lunch yet. My years of professional experience was what got me through the client work, nothing else as my gas tank was hovering on less than 1/4 tank.

Dramatics aside, we surprised each other at the meeting. I talked for over 80% of it about my philosophy of doing business, what I built it on, how it has been changing in the last 6 years, how I have been simpifying my life and household in the last 3 years, how the new fee guideline conflicts with how I would like to manage my business expenses, how I am looking for more control over my business.

Bottom line, when I ran the numbers from Jan to now and for the rest of the year plus where I'd like to be 2 years from now, it doesn't work for me.


How could they not see this coming?! Ah, that's right. Because they judge power by what one wears, what one drives. As I am not into showing off and drive a 13 yr old car, neither of them know about my properties or my lifestyle. So to them, I'm a dependent in quasi self employment shoes they "own". I did however, show up wearing all black :)

The back peddling started. No, they weren't trying to back me into a corner. No, they do not want me to leave. They have always (right!) believed in creating a place where different business people could run the type of practice they wanted. They didn't want a clone of them (right!).

I decided to give them my pitch.

I told them that should we were meeting for the first time today and I was an existing business owner in town looking for a new place to hold my small business, this is what I would be looking for... would you be able to accommodate this new business model?


They admitted they had never considered anyone who would want to practice this way. I didn't think I was asking for a flight to the moon. Just a few rooms, reception, perhaps billing service -- A hybrid model.

Here's where I think I sold it too well.

What they would gain would be my prime time real estate. Right now I hold the best group of times and space for doing business. If they could build/arrange a new space for me, then I would be freeing up that area whereby they could rent it to a more "conventional" full time business whereby their cut would be higher.

They liked it and I saw light bulbs go on and eyes get slightly bigger. They aren't very good with the poker face.

I was asked if I had a number in mind. I didn't (other than "much lower") as I really didn't think they would go for it. As we ran out of time, we will be reconvening next week with numbers for 3 scenarios from least to most services provided.

I waver between wondering if I did the right thing by pitching them my new idea and signing myself up for another week of this or if it would have been easier having it end right there.

I'll be sending a summary of our discussion as well as a guideline to further negotiation/discussion which will make it necessary for them to accept that I will be paying my current rates month to month to a maximum of 3 months (thanks I'd rather be sailing!) until we come to a resolution. Should they not accept the above, an appropriate exit strategy will be put in place. Those are the conditions for my continued participation.

Meanwhile, I've been spending the other waking hours fine tuning my home office idea. Whether it end up being here or elsewhere, the same preparations need to be made.

D is up at the cottage this weekend surveying the plumber's work (they fixed it and water pressure is normal) and doing the big spring cleaning. I'm going to do my best to take the weekend off -- which will likely mean working at only 50% capacity on the business :)


  1. I'd rather be sailingJune 5, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Sounds like you handled your meeting very well... kudos to you and your preparation for said meeting.

    You question whether you did the right thing by agreeing to another meeting... hard to say; not being privy to all the details.

    If I understand you have been there for 6 or so years so to end it there and then without trying to find a viable solution may have been premature. As you've mentioned in an earlier post, there are additional factors to consider involving a change in location... impact on staff that may follow you (+ve/-ve); patient/client support - will they follow you? (Change is difficult for a great many people and while they may admit they are willing to change... will they? and what will the impact on your revenue be as a result) and do you really want to bring your practice into your home? Requires discipline and the greater potential for your public life to interfere with your private life.

    My approach in the past when similar 'conflicts' arise is to ask the question ' How can you help me help you with a viable solution to your issue/problem.

    For me it has to be Win/Win/Win...
    in this case for you, your landlord and your staff/patients.

    Sounds like a weekend to recharge your batteries in anticipation of the coming week. The weather isn't great here in S Ont so should be a good couple of days of vegging out.

    Good luck next week!

  2. I like the way you presented them with options. I'm sure they were prepared for a fight. I really admire the way you were able to present the scenerios so that they saw the benefits. Isn't it great to have your finances in order so that you aren't stuck in a bad spot? The best part about financial freedom is just that...freedom. Good luck with your continued negotiations.

  3. Well done. I think in your place I would hve already mentally moved on, you did well to keep your options open.
    Next week will be very exciting.

  4. I wish I knew what you were talking about. Is there a menu on your blog or something giving details? Coming in now, I'm confused.

  5. @ Morrison;

    Welcome! Yes, I can see it from your perspective.

    My blog is written like a personal journal so everything is chronological.

    I do have categories but it would be easier in my opinion just to go back a few posts to get the background.