Monday, June 7, 2010

Enough of the Work Drama -- A Fun Post Today

I miss the colours of Berlin. The hot pink phone booths (that's right!), the fluorescent orange garbage trucks, the spring green and white police cars. Where do they come up with this?

Perhaps it is the ever practical German mind that decided to colour coordinate service items to make things obvious and simple. I like it.

We feel in love with the fun and retro look of the Amplemann, figures of the "stop" and "go" of the crosswalk traffic lights. I kinda wish I did buy a mug when I was there.

Another Berlin thing to do is to eat currywurst at various street stands, served with fresh cut fries. At first we didn't really get it. It was OK tasting but didn't knock my socks off.

(That probably had to do with me knowing I had french pastries from Lenotre in my shopping bag waiting to be eaten.)

Oh yeah, Berliners didn't tend to eat with their hands whereas I like to eat french fries with my fingers. I got some looks. So I used the mini plastic fork provided.

After a couple of days though, you start craving the stuff. There must be something in the curry ketchup...or in the coarse salt on the fries... D missed it badly for a couple of weeks after we returned from the trip.


  1. My German friend fills the boot of her car up with bottles of curry ketchup, giros spice, some special noodles and Birkenstock shoes on her once a year trip home. After 25 years it is still in the blood!

  2. I've never even seen/heard of currywurst. I must go to Germany to have a taste of it sometime; I wonder if I can find a restaurant around here that offers it...

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    D wanted to bring home curry ketchup too! I guess we are not the only ones captivated by the taste.

    Hi Sandra!

    Neither had we. It is their equivalent of the street dog/hot dog/fast food.

    Most stands are these little huts which are mini kitchens and they have standing tables under umbrellas so people can eat and people watch. For street food, it is quite a nice set up.